Outdoor Water Use

Watering Your Landscape Efficiently

Although residents may water their landscapes every day, it is best practice to water landscapes only when needed. Irrigation should supplement rainfall. Ideally, most established landscapes in periods of limited rainfall should only need to be watered deeply once a week. The reasonable use of water resources is essential to this region. Use the step test and visual inspection to determine if your plants and grass need to be watered. Also keep in mind that tiered water rates apply to usage.

The Step Test:
  1. Place your foot firmly on your turf area.
  2. Watch how quickly the turf springs up to cover your footprint.
  3. If the turf springs up immediately (a few seconds) your turf if probably not in need of watering.
  4. If the foot print remains or the turf slowly rises to eventually recover, your turf is in need of a deep watering.

Visual inspection

Check plants in the early morning or late evening. Plants checked in the heat of the day will always appear to need water. If the plant is wilting, yellow or grayish in appearance, has dried edges, browning, or loss of flowering, the plant is probably in need of water.