Downtown Construction Updates


Have you noticed a lot of orange barrels around town?

It's because there is a lot of great progress going on in Lawrenceville every single day! We want to keep you informed about any projects that could potentially affect residents and visitors to the area. Please check back here for updates on various projects taking place throughout the City. 

LCI Downtown Pedestrian Safety Project

The project consists of the conversion of S. Perry Street and S. Clayton Street to two-way traffic, except for Clayton between Crogan and Pike, which will remain as is. Intersections throughout the City will be widened and will receive signal improvements (including pedestrian signals) as well.

Current Scope of Work

  • Signal work at all four corners of the Square with lane closures
  • Decorative light standard bases poured and light standard installed along S. Clayton
  • Underground signal work at various intersections with lane closures
  • Survey and layout
  • Sod installed along Perry St. and Nash and portions of S. Clayton
  • Demo curb and gutter along S. Clayton from Church to the lawn

Other Notices

On April 24 at the intersections of Buford Drive with East Pike and at the intersection of Buford Drive and East Crogan, there will be a change over from the current signals to the new signals for these two intersections only. There will be no change to the current traffic movements. This is to facilitate removal of the old strain poles so that the remaining sidewalk can be installed.