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Posted on: January 11, 2018

Lawrenceville Chief of Police Retires After 33 Years

Chief Johnson


Chief L. ‘Randy’ Johnson, of the Lawrenceville Police Department announced plans for retirement after 33 years of service with the County Seat. Johnson led the Department as Chief of Police for 21 of his 33 years with the local agency. In those 21 years, the Lawrenceville Police have held a strong focus on daily operations, special operations, criminal investigations, crime prevention and community outreach efforts as well as continued education and advanced training for all officers on the force.

City Manager Chuck Warbington said, “Chief Johnson has always been dedicated to excellence within the Lawrenceville Police Department. Under his leadership, Lawrenceville experienced a much stronger, safer, and thriving local community and we are grateful to him for his service. We congratulate him on this exciting new chapter!”

Chief Johnson’s leadership of Lawrenceville’s Police Department has led to career recognition for fair and impartial policing, compassion towards the community, and effective communication between the local community and the police department. In 2015, Johnson received both the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) “Chief of the Year” Award and the Gwinnett Chamber VALOR Award for Public Service and Leadership.

“It has been an honor to serve my hometown and my local community all these years,” said Chief Johnson. “Most importantly, it has been an privilege to serve with my fellow officers, my work family and my friends. It is an awesome responsibility to serve as a law enforcement officer and I am proud to have done so with some of the finest by my side.”

Johnson’s last day with the City will be March 22, 2018. Until then, he will work with the City to ensure a stable transition of leadership for the department. For more information about the City of Lawrenceville or the Lawrenceville Police Department, please visit or