Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning

The mission of the Planning and Zoning Department is to provide information and process applications in land use, development and building issues. This would include creating Master Plans, creating and amending ordinances, rezonings, special use permits, variances, development permits, building permits, site inspections, building inspections, certificate of occupancies and zoning code compliance.

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Phone: 678.407.6583

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Code Enforcement

Lawrenceville Code Enforcement is assigned to the Planning & Zoning Department. It is comprised of two Officers for Commercial Enforcement, two Officers for Residential Enforcement, and a Supervisor.

All property owners and occupants are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with certain standards. These standards are designed to protect the environment and maintain the appearance and property values within the City of Lawrenceville. Click here to review the Property Maintenance Ordinance.

*Our Process:

Lawrenceville Code Enforcement enforces violations of the City’s Ordinances, Zoning Codes, and Property Maintenance Codes. Our focus is to gain compliance with the cooperation of the Property Owners, Occupants or Agents. We issue ‘Code Compliance Advisory Notices’ as an initial step, to educate the Property Owners, Occupants, or Agents with the types of violations, a corrective action, and a corrective date. 

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Code Compliance Advisory Notices’ are not Citations to appear in Court.

Our efforts are focused on working with the Community to correct all violations. Citations are issued as a final means to correct the violation.

The various types of violations for Commercial & Residential Enforcement are:

  • Signs (we enforce the ordinance which regulates quantity, size, and locations of signs)
  • Unlicensed Businesses (an occupational tax certificate is required for all businesses)
  • Land Use (different zoning districts allow different uses of the property)
  • Illegal Construction (building permits are required for most construction)
  • Outdoor Storage (prohibited items stored outside a fully enclosed structure or business)
  • Property Maintenance (trash, debris, dead trees, high grass, exterior of buildings, etc.)
  • Zoning (junk vehicle storage, overcrowding, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not enforce Subdivision Covenant Restrictions.

*Options for Reporting a Violation:

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