1. Communications

    The Communications team coordinates outreach and promotion of city services, programs and events.

  2. Community Development

    Community Development encompasses the heartbeat of the City - from events to film projects as well as economic growth and development.

  3. Customer Service

    The City of Lawrenceville strives to provide the highest level of Customer Service to every resident and visitor.

  4. Damage Prevention

    The overall aim of the City of Lawrenceville’s Damage Prevention Department is to provide for the safety of all citizens, preventing injury and death and reducing the adverse affect on the facility infrastructure.

  5. Electric Department

    The City of Lawrenceville Electric Department serves most of the city of Lawrenceville. Jackson EMC and Georgia Power also serve parts of the city.

  6. Engineering Department

    The Engineering Department serves Lawrenceville by reviewing construction plans for permits, storm water detention and drainage, and road relocation; designing and managing projects around city; inspecting contracts and putting out projects for bid.

  7. Financial Services

    The Financial Services Department is responsible for City functions involving money, including the receipt of funds such as taxes, utility payments, license fees, and other City revenues, as well as payment of City expenses.

  8. Human Resources

    The City of Lawrenceville is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  9. Natural Gas Department

    The Gas Department for the City of Lawrenceville provides natural gas service for residents of Lawrenceville and parts of Gwinnett, Rockdale and Walton counties.

  10. Planning & Development

    The Lawrenceville Planning and Development Department is charged with formulating the City’s long-range Comprehensive Plan, administering the zoning ordinance, reviewing and authorizing land use and development proposals, and enforcing related City ordinances.

  11. Police Department

    Since the early 1900s, the City of Lawrenceville chartered a police department to protect their citizens and merchants.

  12. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Department works to facilitate best practices in the procurement of goods and services necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the City.

  13. Street & Sanitation Department

    The Sanitation Department, operating within the city limits of Lawrenceville, collects all residential and most of the commercial solid waste.

  14. Water Resources

    The City of Lawrenceville Water Department is dedicated to providing responsive, consistent service to its customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.