Rates & Services

Electric Rates

Please contact Customer Service at 678.407.6655 for the current electric rates.

Security Lighting

  • Availability: Available in all areas served by the City of Lawrenceville Electric Department and subject to its service rules and regulations.
  • Applicability: Dusk-to-dawn lighting used for illuminating outdoor areas, including but not limited to parking lots and yards.
  • Type of Service: Service shall consist of lighting fixtures owned, installed, powered, and maintained by the City. The lighting fee schedule applies to lighting fixtures installed on poles conforming to the City's specifications. Service will be provided only at locations easily accessible for installation and maintenance.
  • Other Charges: Additional charges will apply in situations where the customer desires special lighting facilities such as underground wiring and/or non-standard poles.
  • If the customer needs a wood pole, there will be a $100 charge to supply and install.

Security Lighting Fixture Rates

Lamp Wattage
Deposit  Per Unit Cost
100 watt overhead
$100 See attached rate sheet
350 watt
$200 See attached rate sheet
150 watt (underground residential)
High Pressure Sodium
$100 See attached rate sheet