Damage Prevention


The overall aim of the City of Lawrenceville’s Damage Prevention Department is to provide for the safety of all citizens, prevent injury and death, and reduce the adverse effect on the facility infrastructure.

The locate technician is our first line of defense in accomplishing these goals. Locating underground utilities is a process that requires skill, determination, workload management, and problem-solving techniques in today’s overcrowded utility easements.

Duties & Responsibilities

The City of Lawrenceville Damage Prevention Department is committed to conducting our operations with a primary focus on protecting the safety of our residents and others living or working near our electric, gas, and water facilities.

The City of Lawrenceville is an active participant in the protection of underground utilities as required by Georgia Law Code 1981, Title 25, Fire Protection and Safety Chapter 9 enacted in 2000 which is overseen by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Georgia 811 Documents