Damage Prevention

Duties & Responsibilities

The City of Lawrenceville Damage Prevention Department is committed to conducting our operations with a primary focus on protecting the safety of our residents and others living or working near our electric, gas and water facilities.

The City of Lawrenceville is an active participant in the protection of underground utilities as required by Georgia Law Code 1981, Title 25, Fire Protection and Safety Chapter 9 enacted in 2000 which is overseen by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Georgia 811

Registered with Georgia 811, a non-profit organization, our employees are notified when excavation is to take place in close proximity to our utilities and we are in your community on a daily basis to locate and mark their location.
Celebrate 10 Years 811 2007 - 2017
Georgia 811 offers training and education to industry stakeholders including homeowners, local governments, utility owners, excavators, locate companies, industry nonprofit organizations and more. Training and education opportunities are free so do not hesitate to contact Georgia 811.

Safe Digging

As a champion for safe digging, we provide education and support to the City’s utility staff and as a stakeholder in the community, we continually strive to better educate our residents by becoming more involved in damage prevention and pipeline public awareness. We are available to provide additional information and education by participating in community events and speaking with affected groups such as homeowners’ associations, garden clubs and excavators. Just let us know how we can help.