GUFPA (Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act)

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GUFPA (Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act) & City Policy

The Georgia Public Service Commission enforces the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (ACT), enacted by the Georgia Legislature in July 2000. The ACT provides for the protection of the buried facility infrastructure within the State of Georgia. That protection is provided by requiring excavators to call for a utility locate prior to excavating or blasting with mechanized equipment. Additionally, it requires the facility owner/operator to locate their buried facilities upon request.

Contractors Please Note

It is your responsibility to ensure that all existing underground utilities within the limits of the work are located prior to any excavation activities. The Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act (GUFPA) mandates that before starting any mechanized digging or excavation work, you must contact Georgia 811 at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days in advance to have utility lines marked. This law covers activities such as excavation, tunneling, grading, boring, demolition or any similar work – even on private property.

Should the proposed scope of the planned excavation meet the Georgia Public Service Commission’s definition of a “Large Project” which includes any project involving excavation at a contiguous geographical site or area that exceeds or will exceed one linear mile or that reasonably requires or will require more than ninety (90) days to complete, we require that it be handled in accordance with PSC Rule 515-9-4-.13 and include a large project planning meeting and marking agreement. This will allow us to properly plan and schedule the locating of our utility facilities within the area designated in the site plans.

Violations of the law are enforceable and will be reported to the Georgia Public Service Commission.