Property Taxes

Property Taxes for Current Year through 2005

Beginning with tax year 2005, the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's Office began billing and collecting property taxes for the City of Lawrenceville. The City of Lawrenceville tax is included on your Gwinnett County tax bill. Please contact the Gwinnett County Department of Property Tax via email or phone 770-822-8800 with any questions regarding the billing of this tax.

Gwinnett County Tax Digest

The City of Lawrenceville bills its property taxes based on the Gwinnett County Tax Digest. If you need information concerning exemptions that you might be eligible for, we suggest that you visit the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's website. You'll find detailed information on how to qualify and apply for those exemptions.


If you have concerns or questions concerning property valuations, you should inquire with the Gwinnett County Tax Assessor's Office.

Property Taxes for 2004 & Earlier

City tax for 2004 and prior years is not available through Gwinnett County's website. If you have questions regarding City taxes for 2004 and prior years, please call 678-407-6571.

Tax Documents