Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for providing information and processing applications in land use, development and building issues. This would include creating Master Plans, creating and amending ordinances, rezonings, special use permits, variances, development permits, building permits, site inspections, building inspections, certificate of occupancies and zoning code compliance.

City of Lawrenceville 2020 Zoning Ordinance
Adopted May 2020

The City of Lawrenceville adopted the new Zoning Ordinance on May 20, 2020. The Zoning Ordinance contains local regulations concerning the use and development of land and buildings, including zoning. The purpose and intent of the rewrite is to create an ordinance that preserves, protects, and promotes the public health, safety and general welfare of the residents and businesses in the City. Goals for the rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance were:

  • Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
  • Simple to implement/enforce
  • Accessible to the public
  • Easy to understand
For the full Zoning Ordinance by Article, please click on Regulations and Ordinances.

Areas of Responsibility

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