Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Graphic

The City of Lawrenceville's Code Enforcement effort is assigned to the Planning and Development Department. Code Enforcement investigates and resolves violations of the City Code, Zoning Ordinance and Property Maintenance Ordinance. Our focus is to gain compliance with the cooperation of the Property Owners, Occupants or Agents.


All property owners and occupants are responsible for maintaining their properties in accordance with certain standards. These standards are designed to protect the environment and maintain the appearance and property values within the City of Lawrenceville. Review the Property Maintenance Ordinance

Code Violation Process

When encountering a code violation, Code Compliance Advisory Notices are issued as an initial step. Notices are intended to educate property owners, occupants, or agents with the types of violations, a corrective action, and a corrective date. Code Compliance Advisory Notices are not citations to appear in Court, but are an effort focused on working with the community to correct violations. Citations are only issued as a final means to correct the violation.

Types of Violations

The various types of violations for Commercial and Residential Enforcement are:

Reporting Violations

Due to the volume of calls received regarding violations, the Code Enforcement Office will not return calls.  Please leave a message and a case will be created and the complaint investigated.  Thank you.

View Violation Counts

View the current code enforcement violation counts using the online dashboard. Visitors of the site can view the total number of open and closed violations, cases pending court action, and cases by violation type, district, location, and date range.