Planning & Development Fee Schedule

Type Fee Amount
Accessory Use Building Permit If Utilities Needed: $25.00
If No Utilities Needed: No Charge
Administrative Variance
Architectural Review $525.00
Billboard Permit
$1.00 Per Square Foot
Plus $4000.00 Application Fee
Building Permit See the Building Permit Fee Schedule
Business License List $0.10 Per Page
Demolition Permit Fee $25.00
C.O. Deposit $100.00
Development Permit See the Schedule of Fees Associated with Permitting
Downtown Parking Credits $100.00
EMC Special Use Permit $330.00
Major Subdivision $300.00
Minor Subdivision $50.00
Open Records Request See Open Records Policy
Permanent Signs $1.00 Per Sq. Foot
Re-Inspection $25.00  Per Inspection
Renewal Of Expired Building Permit Fee 1/2 Original Building Permit Fee
Replacement Notification Sign $20.00
Rezoning $330.00
Student Parking Lot Annual Fee $250.00
Student Parking Lot Application Fee
Special Use Permit (SUP) $330.00
Tall Structure Permit $310.00
Temporary Banner $50.00 14-Day; $100.00 28-Day
Temporary Outdoor Event $25.00 Per Event
Variance $170.00
Window Sign SUP $25.00
Zoning Map $10.00