Municipal Court

Important Message

The phone number to pay by phone is 770-963-3288.  This is a new number.

Please do not call 844-229-2183.  This number is no longer associated with the Municipal Court of the City of Lawrenceville.


The mission of the Lawrenceville Municipal Court is to adjudicate cases fairly, impartially, and effectively. The well trained court staff strives to maintain accurate and efficient records, reporting, and case management.


The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over traffic offenses, violations of State law, and local ordinances that occur within the city limits of Lawrenceville. This court also hears Gwinnett County Animal Control violations and Georgia State Patrol traffic offenses that occur within the city limits of Lawrenceville. If your case did not occur within Lawrenceville's city limits, please contact the Gwinnett County Courts to search for your case.  

Municipal Court Staff

Chief Judge: Ethan Pham
Associate Judge: Dennis Still
Associate Judge: James Wall
Court Administrator: Demetra Morton
Solicitor: Frank Hartley