Gwinnett Historic Courthouse, Museum, & Grounds

Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County's Seat, is home to the landmark Gwinnett County Historic Courthouse with over 10 different reasons and points-of-interest worth the strolling visit! The building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the surrounding 2.5 acres offers multiple sites and historic markers ranging from local heroes and characters to county history information.  For additional information, visit the Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation site.


Consider it a scavenger hunt to find all these great historic and inspiring military tributes:
  • The burial monument on the grounds dedicated in 1840 to citizens in both the Creek Indian and Mexican Wars
  • The Gwinnett County Civil War Monument
  • The Gwinnett County Veterans Museum in the GHC
  • The Gwinnett Historical Society office exhibits; - to name a few.
  • The historical markers for legendary Bill Arp, Garrard's Cavalry Raid during the Civil War, and Button Gwinnett's story;
  • The marker and home of Major William Simmons
  • The memorialized local Horse Trough
  • The stone for the local WWI Lieut. killed in Argonne France
  • The World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Ezzard Charles' Monument who was also a WWII soldier
Free admission