Freeman's Grist Mill

An old gristmill that resides along the banks of the Alcovy River is now the focal point of Gwinnett County's newest park. Freeman's Mill Park features a playground that replicates a gristmill, picnic pavilion, half-mile multi-purpose trail, parking, restroom facilities and the historic Freeman's gristmill.


In 2009, the County raised and restored the mill and its surrounding 12 acres for educational and recreational use to offer Gwinnett County citizens a sense of the agricultural past.


The mill was built sometime between 1868 and 1879 by brothers John Griffin and Levi J. Loveless. By 1996, it was said to be one of only 15 mills in the state in working order and the only one in Gwinnett County. At that time is was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Local farmers would bring their wheat and corn to the miller to be turned into flour and meal. Alcova Baptist Church, located up the street from the mill, used the mill pond for baptisms and the millhouse itself provided a gathering place for the surrounding rural community. The water-powered gristmill was preferred by many farmers because it would grind the corn more slowly than electric mills, resulting in a sweeter taste.

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