Uniform Services

The Uniform Services is the largest division in the police department.  It consists of two units: Uniformed Patrol Division and Special Operations Division.  The Special Operations Division is made up of multiple units: Traffic Enforcement, Canine, Crime Suppression, Crime Prevention, Court Security, and the Lawrenceville Police Honor Guard.  


The Patrol Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is made up of four 12-hour shifts.  The Patrol Division handles all calls for service and proactively patrols the city to deter criminal activity and ensure the overall safety of our residence and its visitors. 

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Enforcement Unit functions as a support to our patrol by handling most motor vehicle traffic accidents. Throughout their shift, they also focus on the reduction of traffic-related violations and assist the crossing guards during school drop-off and release hours.  The unit is also home to the Lawrenceville Police Motor Unit, which is a highly recognized Motor Unit throughout the State of Georgia.

Police Canine

The Police Canine Unit is also a highly recognized unit, which consists of three officers and their respective canine partners.  They provide support to our patrol division, as well as surrounding departments in need of their services.  Each canine is specially trained and certified in the detection of narcotics and patrol (tracking, evidence recovery, etc.).  Along with their handler, they must re-certify annually to ensure proper technique, obedience, and performance.