Uniform patrol

The Lawrenceville Police Department’s Patrol Division are the first responders to calls for service within the City Limits. The streets in the City of Lawrenceville are patrolled by our officers who become familiar with their areas and the communities they protect. Officers respond to a wide variety of calls included vehicle crashes, crimes in progress, traffic complaints, just to mention a few. The Patrol Division provides 24-hour coverage patrolling your neighborhoods, business districts, and roads. The men and women of the Patrol Division are the backbone of the department and are always happy to assist our citizens and those visiting the City of Lawrenceville.

 The Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Parker. The Captain is supported by four Lieutenants, each of which commands a patrol shift with one Sergeant and several officers. 

 Captain Parker is the Patrol Division Commander. Captain Jake Parker started with the Lawrenceville Police Department in January of 2000.  Before joining the Lawrenceville Police Department, he began his law enforcement career at the Doraville Police Department in December of 1994.  From 1990 until 1996, Captain Parker served in the United States Army Reserves, 314th Chemical Company, Carrolton, Georgia.  From 2001 to 2003, Captain Parker took a leave of absence to serve with the Department of State as a United Nations Police Officer in Kosovo (the former Republic of Yugoslavia) where he was the Operations Officer for the Regional Traffic Unit at the Mitrovica Regional Headquarters.  Later, from 2005 to 2006, Captain Parker served with the Department of State’s mission to Afghanistan as a Field Mentor to the Afghan Uniformed Police service and as a police training liaison with the United States Armed Forces stationed in the Kunar Province.  During his career at the Lawrenceville Police

Department, he has been a Field Training Officer, Honor Guard member, Crime Suppression Officer, and handled narcotics and gang investigations.  Captain Parker was promoted to Sergeant in 2012 and assumed command of the Crime Suppression Unit and later was assigned to Uniform Patrol as a shift supervisor.   In 2018, Captain Parker was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Office of Professional Standards additionally overseeing the department’s efforts to attain State Certification accreditation and coordinating the Citizens Police Academy and implementing other public education courses.  Since 2018, Captain Parker has been the department’s Public Information Officer (PIO).   Captain Parker is a board member for the Lawrenceville Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association organization.  Captain Parker completed his Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree in 2018 at Reinhardt University.  Captain Parker is a POST certified General Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Taser Instructor, and Firearms Instructor.  He was appointed to Captain in 2023 and assumed command of the Uniform Patrol Division.

 Captain Parker can be reached via e-mail or by phone at 770- 670-5022

 Lt. Inlow is currently the evening-watch Patrol Commander. Lieutenant Inlow began his career in September 1987 with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Officer in North Carolina.  During his time with the Sheriff’s Office, he attained the rank of Sergeant in the Jail before moving to the Patrol Division.  He was a member of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT).  Early in his career with the Sheriff’s Office he became an Investigator in the VICE/Narcotics Unit. 

In September 1999 Lieutenant Inlow moved to Macon, Georgia and joined the Macon Police Department at which time he completed his Georgia Basic P.O.S.T. Certification.  During his time with the Department, he was assigned to the Uniform Patrol, Motor Unit, and S.W.A.T.   In 2002 he obtained his Georgia P.O.S.T. General Instructor’s Certificate. 

In 2003 Lieutenant Inlow joined the Dekalb County Police Department where he was assigned to the East Precinct Uniform Patrol.  He would move from patrol to the Training Division.  He was an In-Service Instructor and assisted with the Dekalb Training Academy for Recruits.   

On February 28, 2007, after completing Dekalb County Police Department S.W.A.T., Lieutenant Inlow was hired by the Lawrenceville Police Department.  Throughout his career at the Lawrenceville Police Department, he has worked in the Uniform Patrol as an Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant.  He has been an Investigator and Supervisor with the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) and was the first Investigator with the Gwinnett Metro Task Force.   

Lt. Inlow can be contacted via email at [email protected] 

Lt. Haney is the day-watch Patrol Commander. Lieutenant Dale Haney has served the citizens of Lawrenceville for the past 18 years. He began his law enforcement career in 2001 with the DeKalb County Police Department, graduating from the 65th academy class. He came to Lawrenceville in 2005 and has worked in various disciplines such as patrol, Special Operations Division as a Motor Officer, Criminal Investigation Division as crime scene tech and managed the department’s property and evidence room for several years. Lt. Haney was promoted to Sergeant in 2017, where he worked in Special Operations and Uniform Patrol. In May of 2022, he was promoted to Lieutenant where he currently serves as the watch commander for the Uniform Services Bureau day watch teams. Lieutenant Haney has also served as an Explorer Post commander, Field Training Officer Coordinator, and has been a member of the department’s Accident Investigation Unit since 2008, which he currently leads. As an instructor for the department, Lt. Haney teaches various subjects and specializes in firearms training. Lt. Haney has a master’s degree in public safety administration from Columbus State University. He is also a graduate of Reindhardt University where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and the Professional Management Program through Columbus State University.

 Lt. Hany can be reached via email at [email protected] 


The Patrol Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is made up of four 12-hour shifts.  The Patrol Division handles all calls for service and proactively patrols the city to deter criminal activity and ensure the overall safety of our residence and its visitors. 

Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Enforcement Unit functions as a support to our patrol by handling most motor vehicle traffic accidents. Throughout their shift, they also focus on the reduction of traffic-related violations and assist the crossing guards during school drop-off and release hours.  The unit is also home to the Lawrenceville Police Motor Unit, which is a highly recognized Motor Unit throughout the State of Georgia.

Police Canine

The Police Canine Unit is also a highly recognized unit, which consists of three officers and their respective canine partners.  They provide support to our patrol division, as well as surrounding departments in need of their services.  Each canine is specially trained and certified in the detection of narcotics and patrol (tracking, evidence recovery, etc.).  Along with their handler, they must re-certify annually to ensure proper technique, obedience, and performance.