Economic Development

The second oldest city in Greater Atlanta, Lawrenceville's start was a bustling center for both trade and community. More than 200 years later that purpose remains unchanged. What has changed since the incorporation of Lawrenceville in 1821 is its remarkable growth to a population of more than 30,000 citizens and its renewed focus on the strategic economic development of the city. 

Economic Strategic Plan

The City of Lawrenceville has quickly become a city of innovation while embarking on a new chapter with the implementation of its first-ever Economic Development Strategic Plan. Together with elected officials and board members, the community, led by a steering committee of key stakeholders, revealed a strategy for future development as well as an implementation plan to accomplish the goals therein.
The fundamental purpose of the strategic plan is to set the standards and a pace necessary for Lawrenceville's continued growth, advancement, and development. The plan outlines six economic development goals that inherently reflect the community's specific needs - supported by statistical trends, community input, and market data.