Camera Ready - Film Permits

The Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office launched the Camera Ready Communities program in 2010 to train and certify Georgia counties Sleepy Hollowto work effectively with production companies and provide local, one-on-one assistance in every aspect of production, from location scouting and film permits to traffic control, catering and lodging.

Filming Procedures 

  1. Film permits shall be run through the Community Development Department for the city and are subject to City Manager or Deputy City Manager approval.
  2. The film project and its content, whether whole or in-part, shall not contain any obscene, profane or otherwise objectionable content that would poorly reflect on any locations in which it is filmed – namely within the City of Lawrenceville – and/or deter from the location’s vision to serve its residents, citizens, visitors and businesses in a professional and ethically sound manner.
  3. Fees for use of city-owned public spaces will be determined between the city and private film company prior to use.
  4. If a business or residency is directly affected by filming, compensation will be decided between the filming company and business owner or homeowner.
  5. Film company must notify and if necessary, negotiate reasonable impact fees with all potentially impacted businesses and residents, working with the Community Relations department to identify the list of potentially impacted locations.
    a. Typical film days shall be conducted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and midnight for set up, filming, and breakdown.
  6. Private property use will be an agreement between the filming company and property owner.
  7. Road closure requests shall be submitted without change no less than 10 days in advance of date of closure.
    a. For example, if filming on Wednesday, September 9, request should be submitted by Monday, August 31 for final approval Wednesday, September 2 with communication beginning Thursday, September 3.
  8. Closures will be approved no less than one (1) week from the closure date request. Beyond 1-week out, closures may not be changed except to open up a road originally requested to be closed. For road closure requests specifically: 
    a. Road closure and traffic plan requests should come with the application for approval and will be routed through the  Police Department prior to City Manager of Deputy City Manager approval.   
    b. Fees and payment for police services should be negotiated directly with the Special Operations Division of the  Lawrenceville Police Department at the time logistics are being reviewed for approval.
  9. Gwinnett County Fire Marshall must be notified of film upon approval.
  10. To ensure safety, please send over Health & Safety Protocols.