Downtown Construction Updates & Road Closures

Depot District Archways - December 2022

The Lawrenceville Arts Commission has worked with a local architect to design and approve decorative steel archways strategically placed in our Depot District area.

The City of Lawrenceville worked for many months to improve safety and find a way to decrease the noise caused by large trucks traveling through our downtown area.  After much thought and discussion, restricting large trucks in our downtown area via detour has been determined to be the best path to success.   Once installed, the decorative steel archways will physically limit trucks 12’ and greater in height from passing and enforce a city ordinance in place for more than a decade that calls for limited truck entry.  Trucks will need to utilize the major roads, such as W. Pike Street and Burford Drive to bypass the area.

The archways will serve a multi-purpose role as signage, branding the Depot District, and functioning as attractive art installations in our art-focused community.  Please see the renderings and location map below.

Important Dates:

  • 12/1/2022 –  N Clayton Steel Erection
  • 12/8/2022 – N Perry Street Erection
  • 1/13/2023 – Project Complete with height restriction in place

Depot District Archway Renderings