As the County Seat of Gwinnett, Lawrenceville constantly strives to create engaging opportunities for individuals, families and organizations to come together in a way that builds a sense of place. Volunteering for the City is one way to make that happen. With over two dozen events taking place throughout the year, and thousands of people attending every month - we cannot do it alone! Without the assistance of our amazing volunteers, the events taking place throughout Lawrenceville simply would not be possible!

Volunteering for Lawrenceville is a FUN way to stay INFORMED of the REWARDING opportunities that surround the City. Are you ENTHUSIASTIC about getting involved? Do you have the DESIRE to give back? Do you want to be a part of bringing the community together? Then volunteer for our event team and let’s get FIRED up!

Please contact Jasmine Billings at 678-407-6652 or at [email protected] for more information!