New Sanitation Schedule 


New Year . . . New Sanitation Schedule
The City of Lawrenceville Sanitation Department operates within the city limits of Lawrenceville, collecting all residential and most of the commercial solid waste.  Garbage pick-up for residents within city limits began a new schedule in February 2019. 

Did my garbage pick-up date change?
Some schedules changed while others remained the same. To check the new weekly schedule, please CLICK HERE to look up your service day by street name.  Please note:  Citizens are encouraged to check their zip code and address to confirm whether or not they live within the City limits, as those living in unincorporated areas are serviced by other means.  

Why did schedule change?
The City’s new schedule maximizes productivity and minimizes cost by consolidating five days of weekly garbage pick-up into four days, providing our employees with a day dedicated to improving the upkeep of our streets, parks and public spaces commonly used by residents.

Need more info?
Please contact Customer Service at or at 678.407.6675 for more information.