Employee News

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Lawrenceville Positive Pulse, the health and wellness initiative for City of Lawrenceville staff, sponsored a Boot Camp offered by Tri Delta Fitness for the month of February 2019. All employees were invited to attend a Fitness Presentation followed by a fitness assessment and Boot Camp. Attached are photos from the first week of Boot Camp. Congratulations to these employees for investing in their health through Positive Pulse!  For more information about Positive Pulse or Boot Camp, please contact Wonda Billingsley at [email protected]

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Upcoming Events for Employees:

Aurora Theatre Fun Run

The City of Lawrenceville will sponsor all employees and family members for the Aurora Theatre Fun Run on April 6, 2019. Be advised that it is not the intent of the City to purchase alcohol as part of this event, but to sponsor employee and family participation in the fun run.  Deadline to register is March 15, 2019.  Please contact Wonda Billingsley if you are interested