Lawrenceville Lawn

Lawn Renovations:  In 2020, the Lawrenceville Lawn underwent a $1.8-million renovation to add a 40’ x 60’ permanent amphitheater, arbor shades for tables, additional bathrooms, and additional public parking.  

The Lawrenceville Lawn, a city park, enhances the live-work-play dynamic envisioned for the City of Lawrenceville.  Currently encompassing an amphitheater, playground and volleyball courts, the Lawn regularly plays host to community events such as the Harvest Festival, Broadway on the Lawn, the Live in the DTL Concert Series, Movies on the Lawn and more.  For additional information about special events, visit 

What are the rules surrounding the Lawrenceville Lawn and special events?  Special Event Policy 

How can I apply to hold a special event at the Lawrenceville Lawn?  Special Event Application

What is the address of the Lawrenceville Lawn?  210 Luckie Street, Lawrenceville, GA

Is there free parking at the Lawrenceville Lawn?  Yes.  The Lawn has its own parking.  There is also a parking deck located across from the Lawn at 225 Luckie Street.  Both are free.

Are there public restrooms at the Lawrenceville Lawn?  Yes. There are public restrooms facing Clayton Street open daily from 7:30 am - 8 pm.  During City Events, additional public restrooms are open beside the stage.  There are also public restrooms at the corner of Pike and Clayton Streets, on the grounds of the Historic Courthouse, open daily from 7:30 am - 8 pm.

May I bring my own alcohol into events held at the Lawrenceville Lawn (Movies, Concerts, etc.)?  No.  (See Special Event Policy, page 6, section 10)

Is the Lawrenceville Lawn open to the public during a special event?  If a City-sanctioned or City-sponsored event is taking place at the Lawrenceville Lawn, portions of the park may be closed to the public, including the main Lawn area, portions of the parking lots, and the volleyball courts.  The Lawrenceville Lawn stage is always closed unless reserved in advance and opened by City staff for a special event.  Any event-related road closures will be announced on social media prior to the event. For a full calendar of special events, please visit

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Other FAQs involving special events.