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The Lawrenceville Arts Commission was organized in 2019 and launched in 2020 to promote the expansion, education, and enhancement of public art in the City of Lawrenceville. The LAC’s mission is to emphasize the role of the arts in the cultural enrichment and aesthetic quality of the City’s physical environment, the mental wellbeing of the City’s residents, and the community heritage, character, and identity of the City as a livable, sustainable, vibrant hub for the arts and artists. For more information, email the Arts Commission

Current Projects

Community Mural Project 

Leah Abucayan has been selected to create an awe-inspiring "Welcome/Entrance Mural" along Crogan Street, adjacent to McCray’s Tavern on the Square. The mural, spanning an impressive 800 sq. ft., is set to become a landmark feature welcoming community members and visitors as they drive into Downtown Lawrenceville. The mural design was approved unanimously by the City Council on November 15, 2023.

Abucayan's proposal, selected among numerous submissions, stood out for its happy, uplifting, and inspiring design. The Lawrenceville Arts Commission was particularly drawn to Abucayan's ability to capture the essence of Lawrenceville without political or social influences, ensuring a timeless and inclusive masterpiece.

McCray's Lawrenceville Mural

About the Artist

Leah Abucayan, a Filipino-American artist based in Atlanta, GA, draws joy from creating diverse forms of art. Armed with a Graphic Design degree from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, Leah currently lends her design talents to the CNN Digital Art Department. From crafting duct tape accessories at age 11 to now using it for custom portraits, Leah's artistic journey spans murals, chalk art, brand design, illustration, and even home renovations. Her mission is to positively impact the world, inspiring others with her artistry and passion for design.

Community Outreach

Check out The Lawrenceville Arts Commission at upcoming events for a FREE and fun craft to promote art in Lawrenceville!

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