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The Lawrenceville Arts Commission was organized in 2019 and launched in 2020 to promote the expansion, education, and enhancement of public art in the City of Lawrenceville. The LAC’s mission is to emphasize the role of the arts in the cultural enrichment and aesthetic quality of the City’s physical environment, the mental wellbeing of the City’s residents, and the community heritage, character, and identity of the City as a livable, sustainable, vibrant hub for the arts and artists. For more information, email the Arts Commission

Current Projects

The City of Lawrenceville and the Lawrenceville Arts Commission released their first arts improvement projects in the downtown area and newly adopted logo. The projects include renovations of an alleyway on the square which led to the creation of Shoe Horn Alley - a pathway of twinkling lights and gas lanterns connecting Perry Street to public parking. Additional projects include two Depot District signs to be installed on Perry and North Clayton Streets to limit the entry of large commercial vehicles into the downtown area. Construction of the sign will begin in mid 2022. 

Community Mural Project - Open Call for Art Announced

Lawrenceville Arts Commission Call for ArtThe Lawrenceville Arts Commission announces a Community Mural Call for Art (PDF).  This is an open call for artists to submit designs for a community mural planned along Buford Drive in Downtown Lawrenceville.   The open call begins Friday, October 21, 2022. The deadline for submission is Friday, December 2, 2022.   

“The Arts Commission was founded in 2019, and we began our work in 2020 to find ways to make art a central part of life in the City of Lawrenceville,” said Aura Leigh Sanders, Chair. “Our main focus is creative placemaking, where we use art to nurture civic pride and create uplifting, recognizable spaces in the community. Public murals are a great way to do that. And getting residents involved in creating the murals is even better.” 

The selected mural wall is approximately 250 feet long and has a total of 1867 square feet.  A portion of the mural will be designed for community participation in the painting process organized by the Arts Commission.  

Artists will have six weeks to submit a design through the open-call process.  From those submissions, finalists will be selected and a final design choice made.  Artist selection will be based on a preliminary sketch and a resume of previous work.  In addition, artists will be compensated for their work. Interested artists should submit designs through  

The Arts Commission’s most recent project was the design of the new Shoe Horn Alley located on Perry Street.   Soon to be implemented are the Depot Area Entryway Signs, arched steel structures with mosaic lighting will be installed across both North Clayton and North Perry Streets as functioning art installations that brand the Depot District.   

“Lawrenceville has an amazing and creative community,” said Sanders. “We have so many talented residents of all ages who are artists, musicians, actors, authors, and such. We see art and artists throughout the community. For example, the Lawrenceville Arts Commission’s first community engagement project was the Downtown Lawrenceville Rocks free rock painting booth hosted at most city events.  It was incredibly popular with adults and children alike.”  

Depot District Signage - Coming Soon!

Depot District Signs RenderingMap of the Depot District reflecting routes that will be closed to large trucks


Depot District Signage Placement Map

Commercial vehicles can use the route indicated by the green arrows to navigate the City.

Shoe Horn Alley Renovation

Photo of lighted alley way in downtown Lawrenceville.

Community Outreach

Check out The Lawrenceville Arts Commission at upcoming events for a FREE and fun rock painting craft to promote "Lawrenceville Rocks!"

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