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The Lawrenceville Arts Commission was organized in 2019 and launched in 2020 to promote the expansion, education, and enhancement of public art in the City of Lawrenceville. The LAC’s mission is to emphasize the role of the arts in the cultural enrichment and aesthetic quality of the City’s physical environment, the mental wellbeing of the City’s residents, and the community heritage, character, and identity of the City as a livable, sustainable, vibrant hub for the arts and artists. For more information, email the Arts Commission

Current Projects

Community Mural Project 

The Lawrenceville Arts Commission announced a Community Mural Call for Art in late 2022.  This open call urged artists to submit designs for a community mural planned along Buford Drive in Downtown Lawrenceville.  The selected mural wall is approximately 250 feet long and has a total of 1867 square feet.  A portion of the mural will be designed for community participation in the painting process organized by the Arts Commission.  

The City of Lawrenceville is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the "Lawrenceville Blooms" community mural in Downtown Lawrenceville. This artistic endeavor, brought to life by the Arts Commission and local artist Teresa Abboud, serves as a symbol of unity and diversity in the heart of the city. The mural wall is approximately 250 feet long and has a total of 1867 square feet. Tune in to our exclusive interview with Teresa Abboud and Aura-Leigh Sanders for a behind-the-scenes look at "Lawrenceville Blooms."

About the Artist

Illustrator and fine artist Teresa Abboud brings a fusion of cultures to her captivating work in Atlanta's art scene. Trained in 2D illustration and animation at Lebanon's Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Teresa's creative journey spans continents. After relocating to Atlanta, she founded "Teresa Afternoon," channeling her experiences into diverse artistic expressions. Her "Coffee Time" collection, inspired by memories of Lebanese coffee shared with her mother, encapsulates her belief in art's power to unite humanity. Teresa's art transcends boundaries, striving to forge connections through her keen observations and nostalgic explorations. In her words, "Art is the language that I share with the world," showcasing her commitment to fostering unity through creativity. 

Community Outreach

Check out The Lawrenceville Arts Commission at upcoming events for a FREE and fun craft to promote art in Lawrenceville!

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