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What is a FLOCK Safety Camera?

FLOCK Safety built the first public safety operating system helping neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1200+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. Pair devices capture objective evidence and machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement.

Click here to see a map of the City of Lawrenceville's current and future Flock Safety Camera locations.

  • FLOCK Safety Cameras utilize vehicle tag readers connected to a state database and a FLOCK national network of law enforcement cameras alerting law enforcement to wanted individuals, stolen vehicles, and stolen tags. The vehicle tag readers are an accepted practice nationwide for a reduction of crime. The City of Atlanta and Gwinnett County Police Departments recently outlined success in utilization of this equipment. It should be noted that the FLOCK database only uses criminal data with the individual associated with the tag of the vehicle.

  • After extensive Council discussion in 2018 and 2019, a pilot program utilizing 12 cameras was rolled out in September 2020 specifically targeting high crime properties such as multifamily and extended stay hotels.  These properties had the highest Part 1 Index Crimes (drug, gun, assault, murder, etc) in the City.

  • In 10 months of use, the City of Lawrenceville has experienced the following success:
    • 75% of the arrests due to FLOCK cameras have been made for the following:
      • Wanted Individuals (9)
      • Stolen Tags (9)
      • Stolen Vehicles (9)
  • In 10 months of use, the following demographic breakdown of confirmed hits on which the Lawrenceville Police Department or other agencies took any action are as follows:
    • 64.7% African American
    • 29.4% Caucasian
    • 5.9% Asian
  • 56% of the arrests made were from the Collins Hill Road/Hurricane Shoals Road area and the rest were equally spread among the other locations throughout the City.

  • With the recent success of the FLOCK camera program, the City periodically moves these cameras as crime trends are identified, while taking into account high traffic count areas and ensuring wide spread of use of the cameras.

  • Based on recent results, the City plans to roll out additional cameras by the end of 2021 further ensuring any wanted individuals or stolen vehicle/tags identified by the state database traveling into or out of the City of Lawrenceville are arrested and the City continues the downward trend in crime making Lawrenceville a safe place to live, conduct business, and to play.

  • Drones are used to help monitor large events such as concerts or large protests.  Drones have also been used when searching for a fleeing suspect. 

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