False Alarm Ordinance

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City of Lawrenceville residents and business owners, apply for an Alarm Permit.

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The Lawrenceville City Council approved an update to Article 2 (False Alarm) Chapter 26 (Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions) of the Code of the City of Lawrenceville in September 2021, with an effective date of December 1, 2021.  Fines for excessive false alarms began June 1, 2022.   

The purpose of the False Alarm Ordinance is to encourage alarm owners and alarm companies to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of monitored alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms. The City of Lawrenceville finds that excessive false alarms unduly burden the limited resources of the Lawrenceville Police Department.

  • The ordinance requires alarm users to obtain an application from the City of Lawrenceville within five (5) business days of the alarm system installation or an alarm system transfer.   
  • The completed application must be filed with the City within ten (10) business days of the alarm system installation or transfer.
  • Alarm permits are not transferrable.  
  • Separate permits are required for properties with one or more monitored alarm systems protecting two or more separate structures with different addresses and/or tenants.
  • Alarm permit information is kept confidential in the interest of public safety.
  • There is no charge for permits; however, a late fee is assessed after 30 days.

The fee schedule for false alarms is broken into “Non-Residential” and “Residential.”  

Non-residential fees are: 

  • First alarm - $0 
  • Second alarm - $50
  • Third alarm - $200
  • Fourth alarm and subsequent - $400 per occurrence

Any false alarm occurring without a valid alarm permit will be assessed in addition to the false alarm fee, a $100 per false alarm for non-residential accounts only.  

Residential fees are:  

  • First and second alarm - $0
  • Third alarm - $25
  • Fourth alarm and subsequent - $100 per occurrence

Any alarm signal response to an alarm site located within the City of Lawrenceville will result in the automatic registration of the alarm at said address. There is no additional fine for residential accounts for a false alarm occurring without a valid alarm permit.   

The City of Lawrenceville and the Lawrenceville Police Department have contracted with Central Square to operate this program.   Residents should register at Cry Wolf Services.  Email Alarm Billing or Phone: 833-981-4005 for questions.

View the False Alarm Ordinance.