Right-of-Way Permit

All persons, contractors, utility companies, and other agencies must obtain a Right-of-Way Permit from the Planning and Development department for all obstructions on shoulders, streets, curb cuts, lanes, or sidewalks. Right-of-Way Permits must be approved by the Planning and Development Department following the review and approval from other applicable City Departments. The application for the permit must be submitted to [email protected]

The fee is $150.00 and covers the review, permit, and certificate of completion. 


Completed applications must include a site plan or construction plans drawn to scale, prepared by an engineer or surveyor certified in the State of Georgia, and showing the following:

  1. The offset from the centerline of the right-of-way or roadway to the proposed utility installation, the road right-of-way width and pavement width, the distance from the edge of pavement to the utility, sidewalk, and location of all other utilities, including traffic signal utilities, within the area of work.
  2. Typical cross sections to adequately reflect the location of the utility. The minimum vertical clearance above or below the pavement or natural ground will be indicated on the cross sections.
  3. The location of the area of work in relation to the nearest road intersection, bridges, railroad crossings, and other physical features. Include a location vicinity map showing the general location of the installation. 

All applications must demonstrate that the proposed improvements conform to the right-of-way utilization requirements included in the City of Lawrenceville Development Regulations, the Utility Accommodation Manual adopted in 2009, and the Utility Right-of-Way Encroachment Ordinance adopted in 2016.

Request an Application

We appreciate your patience as we transition to new upgrades to our permitting system. To request an application, please email [email protected].