Training & Recruiting

Training Unit

The Training Unit is dedicated to developing the skills, knowledge, and service delivery of our sworn and civilian employees. It is the mission of the Lawrenceville Police Department’s Training Unit to provide high quality training for our officers to help them better perform the duties required to meet the community’s needs. We facilitate professional and personal excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness and contribute to the current and future success involved in fighting crime with our community all while following 21st Century Policing Principles. 

Boerrigter UpdatedSgt. Boerrigter is the Department Training Officer for the Lawrenceville Police Department. Sgt. Boerrigter has been with the City of Lawrenceville since 2012.  He spent eight years in the US Army Airborne at Ft. Bragg, prior to his law enforcement career.  He has worked in the Patrol Division as an Officer on Evening Watch and Morning Watch.  In 2022, he was promoted to Sergeant and was part of the leadership team on Morning Watch.   Sgt Boerrigter is a general instructor, firearms instructor and assists with weapons maintenance and armory upkeep.   Sgt Boerrigter Has attended The University of Georgia’s Criminal Justice program and is currently enrolled in Georgia Piedmont College’s Professional Management Program.

Sgt. Boerrigter can be contacted via e-mail or by phone at 770-670-5070 

Background and Recruiting 

The Background and Recruiting Officer is responsible for recruiting highly qualified, motivated, and hard-working candidates to fulfill the mission of the Lawrenceville Police Department. The Background and Recruiting Officer conducts extensive background investigations on anyone interested in joining the Lawrenceville Police Department whether civilian or sworn. 

Fowler UpdatedOfficer Fowler is the department’s Background and Recruiting Officer. Officer Fowler started with the Lawrenceville Police Department in 2022. Before joining the Lawrenceville Police Department, he began his Law Enforcement Career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Clarke County Sheriff's Office in Athens, Georgia. Officer Fowler would later join the City of Norcross Police Department, where he served as a Crime Suppression Officer. With such position, Officer Fowler handled numerous felony apprehensions, search warrants, narcotics investigations, vice investigations, and often liaised with local & Federal Task Forces in the successful prosecution of criminal offenders. Officer Fowler has training with Drug Enforcement Investigations, Gang Investigations, Gang Recognition & Identification, Criminal Interdiction, Criminal Apprehension, High Risk Warrant Services, and Search & Seizure for Law Enforcement. 

Officer Fowler can be contacted via e-mail or by phone at 770-670-5164

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