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February 28, 2023 8:00 AM

Help Shape the Future of Lawrenceville!

What is the Comprehensive Plan?
A comprehensive plan is a guide for a city’s future. In a formal sense, it is a long-range document that captures the vision, goals, and objectives of those who call it home. It will include a plan for transportation, housing, land use, economic development, and quality of life.

What is a CTP?
A Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is a county-wide plan that uses the community’s input to create a vision and roadmap for different forms of transportation in the future. The CTP will allow us to hone in more on transportation.

How can I help?
Get involved in the planning process — come to a meeting, take our survey, and visit our website!

Visit our website to learn more and provide vital feedback!
Take the online survey!
Attend a public meeting!

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