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Mayor David Still is a Lawrenceville native and has served the City in numerous roles over the years, including the Downtown Development Authority, Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade Association, City Councilman and now our Mayor.  Mayor Still was the co-owner and publisher of the Gwinnett-Post-Tribune with his Father before establishing his Lawrenceville based company, Capital Endeavors, Inc.

Civic leader, church leader, son, husband, father, grandfather and friend, Mayor Still has many titles.  Now he has added one more . . . blogger.  We hope you enjoy his musings.  You may email David Still directly or comment below the blog.  You never know if your comment or question could show up in a future blog post.

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Jan 08

Questions I Didn’t Expect to Be Asked as Mayor of Lawrenceville

Posted on January 8, 2021 at 3:05 PM by Melissa Hardegree

Since I began serving Lawrenceville as Mayor, I have been asked many common and some less common questions that have taken even me by surprise. It's my responsibility as the Mayor to educate the public on what I actually can and cannot do. Here are a couple of hints. I cannot get your son out of jail! No, I cannot pardon your speeding ticket. No, I can’t perform your wedding ceremony!

In this, my very first Mayor’s Blog, I will attempt to answer several of these questions. There is a story or two behind each one. If anything on “Mayor Still’s Top 10 Questions List” surprises you, that's good because there are plenty more. Over the next year, I look forward to using this blog as a way to continue to answer your questions and to communicate information that is important to the City and to me personally.  So send me your burning questions! I’ll do my best to give you the most accurate response I can and hopefully make you smile at the same time.

1.       Can you get my son out of jail?

          A Mayor cannot give someone a “get out of jail free card” as you can in Monopoly. Well, not mayors who follow the law at least. I receive hundreds of letters from moms, sisters, and even some inmates. As moved as I become, the only thing I can do is pass the request to the Sherriff or others in charge and request they check into the situation.

2.       Can you perform the marriage ceremony for my fiancé and me?

      State law does not allow a Mayor to perform marriage ceremonies. Honestly, I would be one of those mayors who would require couples to go through marriage counseling before the wedding. Though, I’m not sure I have had enough training for that! However, after 37 years of marriage to my wife, I do have some good ideas on how to make it work.

3.       Can I ride my bicycle or walk outside during a State of Emergency?

      During the most recent State of Emergency, I received many questions, as many of us had never lived through such a time. The rumors were rampant! It was refreshing that citizens wanted to be sure they were obeying the law. My response to this question was, “Feel free to enjoy life and ride your bicycle, occasionally without hands! Just keep your eyes open.”

4.       Should I pay for my speeding ticket?

      I always smile when someone asks this question and promptly respond with “pay the ticket." Last I looked, the Mayor does not have the authority to remove a speeding ticket, but the judge might. Try giving our new City Judge a call next time. 

5.       Can you get me a job with the City?

      If you don’t want a salary the answer is probably yes! If you want to be paid for your work, then you will have to go through Human Resources at City Hall. The City Council and Mayor manage one employee on staff and that’s the City Manager. 

6.       Can you fix my pothole?

        You don’t want me to personally try to fix your pothole, but I promise to inform our staff of the problem and get back to you with an estimate of how fast they can fix it.  This was one of the first questions I received and you will never guess from whom. My Mom!

7.       Can you help me get my unemployment check?

     The State Government is a tad bigger than the City of Lawrenceville, so there is little we can do with this request except guide you to the right people. From what I remember, those in charge of disbursing the state's gold, work under the golden dome of the State Capital.                                      

8.       Can you tell my neighbor that she has too many dogs?

      Yes, but before you go barking at your neighbor, make sure you know what kind of bite the City can bring. Once we had a resident who ran a dog breeding business in their backyard. There were 28 dogs found! By City ordinance within the city limits of Lawrenceville, you can only have three dogs. Staff will not go knocking on doors to see how many dogs are in your home, but if there are complaints, the City staff will investigate.

9.       Can you tell my neighbor to stop leaving trash in his yard?

      This story really smells! The answer is yes. There was a situation where squatters had settled into a vacant home. There was trash strewn all over the place. Needless to say, the City had to go through the Courts and got the problem solved.

10.   Can you tell my neighbor they can’t have chickens in their backyard?

      Yes! For those who love fresh eggs, the City only allows chickens for personal pleasure or utility on a parcel which contains the dwelling of the owner. Make sure you know the rules in Article II, section 200.3.45 so you don’t end up with egg on your face.


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