Why do I have to pay a Stormwater utility fee?

The Lawrenceville Mayor and Council voted to create a Stormwater utility fee. The utility fee raises the revenues needed to fund Lawrenceville's Stormwater Management Program. This program brings us into compliance with federal regulations and safeguards our community through improved drainage and protection of local waterways. The Stormwater utility fee charges properties in Lawrenceville based on that property's contribution to the need for Stormwater management. The utility uses the amount of impervious surface, or surface that water is unable to soak into, on a property as the primary basis for the fee. This user-fee system represents a way to raise revenue for the program by charging those who directly contribute to its need. This method presents our community with an alternative to an across-the-board tax increase.

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1. What is the Stormwater Fee?
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4. Why do I have to pay a Stormwater utility fee?
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