What are the hours of enforcement and what speed limits are enforced when?

During active school zone hours, (posted and marked at each school) the speed limit is reduced to the marked, allowable speed limit. During those hours, the reduced speed limits are enforced. The posted speed limits are enforced 1 hour before school is in session and 1 hour after school releases. 


(a)(1) The speed limit within any school zone as provided for in Code Section 40-14-8 and marked pursuant to Code Section 40-14-6 may be enforced by using photographically recorded images for violations which occurred only on a school day during the time in which instructional classes are taking place and one hour before such classes are scheduled to begin and for one hour after such classes have concluded when such violations are in excess of ten miles per hour over the speed limit.

H.B. 40-14-18 Section 9

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