How much are the fines?

First violations are $75.00 and a second or any subsequent violations are $125.00.  Up to a $25.00 processing fee may be added to each violation. Payments are due by the “Pay By” date listed on the citation. 


The owner of a motor vehicle shall be liable for a civil monetary penalty to the governing body of the law enforcement agency provided for in paragraph (2) of this subsection if such vehicle is found, as evidenced by photographically recorded images, to have been operated in disregard or disobedience of the speed limit within any school zone and such disregard or disobedience was not otherwise authorized by law. The amount of such civil monetary penalty shall be $75.00 for a first violation and $125.00 for a second or any subsequent violation, in addition to fees associated with the electronic processing of such civil monetary penalty which shall not exceed $25.00.

H.B. 40-14-18 Section 9

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6. How much are the fines?
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