I received a School Zone Speeding Citation. How do I pay for it?

Please note, citation payments are not handled by the City of Lawrenceville.  Citations can be paid online, mailed, or by phone. 


The easiest and most convenient payment method is via the online payment portal. To pay for your Lawrenceville citation online, please visit:  https://violationpayment.org/lawrencevillegapayment/(S(hglao1ey55v0a15rtrw040hl))/default.aspx?target=citationLookup 

 For additional questions, visit: https://www.violationpayment.net/pay-view-citation.html 


You may also mail a check or money order to the address printed on the citation and pre-printed return envelope. 


Payment by phone: Call 855.252.0086. Please patiently and thoroughly listen to the prompts. If you wish to speak to a representative, press "9" or "0". Representatives can look up your citation by name, notice number, or tag number.

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9. I received a School Zone Speeding Citation. How do I pay for it?
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