How do the Cameras work? Are they accurate?

The automated speed enforcement technology is 100% accurate in determining exactly which vehicle it’s capturing. Our stationary cameras use a LIDAR laser beam is aimed at a single lane and vehicles drive through the beam as they travel on the roadway.   This guarantees the vehicle speed recorded is matched to the proper vehicle. 

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1. Why were the Speed Zone Cameras installed?
2. Were there an excessive number of speeders in Lawrenceville School Zones?
3. Where are the cameras located?
4. What are the hours of enforcement and what speed limits are enforced when?
5. Will I be ticketed for traveling 1 or 2 miles per hour over the posted limits?
6. How much are the fines?
7. I received a School Zone Speeding Citation. How do I pay for it?
8. I received a violation for speeding but wasn’t driving my vehicle. Do I have to pay for it?
9. If I get a ticket will my insurance go up?
10. How do the Cameras work? Are they accurate?
11. What happens to citation revenue?