What happens to citation revenue and how will it be used?

The revenue is shared between the City of Lawrenceville and Blue Line Solutions, the company that installs and maintains the cameras. Blue Line Solutions receives 35% of the citation and the City of Lawrenceville receives 65%. The city had no out-of-pocket cost to install the cameras and Blue Line Solutions will maintain the cameras.

According to state law, paid citation revenue must be utilized for law enforcement activities and public safety initiatives, such as police equipment and new school resource officers that will make our community safer. Funds directed to the City of Lawrenceville from the School Zone Speed Camera Program will be used for local law enforcement and/or public safety initiatives in compliance with state law. The City of Lawrenceville has no budget set in anticipation of collecting funds for FY 2023 in hopes that drivers will abide by the speed limits and refrain from speeding in our school zones. 

Although there is a monetary component to the speed camera program, it was implemented as a safety and staffing issue. The City of Lawrenceville desires to prevent speeding in our school zones (the cameras will not issue speeding tickets throughout the day) and we lack adequate police personnel to cover all six school zones and provide appropriate police coverage for all other law enforcement needs throughout the city on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Therefore, the City Council chose to utilize this technology in an attempt to keep children, educators, and the community safe.  

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