What is the violation process?

A complaint is received and a case is opened. Code Enforcement Officers then conduct an investigation and take enforcement steps to notify the property owner if a violation is found. If corrections are not made by the deadline, a citation is issued and the cases are presented in court. The process ends when the violation has been corrected and the property is in compliance. 

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1. What is the purpose of Code Enforcement?
2. What is the violation process?
3. What is a violation?
4. What is a Notice of Violation?
5. What is a Citation?
6. How long do I have to correct the issue?
7. I can’t get the code violation corrected by the re-inspection date. What should I do?
8. I have corrected the violation listed on the Notice of Violation. What should I do now?
9. Who enforces on-street parking?
10. Who should I call about stray animals, animal cruelty, animal bites or dangerous animals?