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Boards & Commissions

  1. Board, Commission, or Committee Appointment Application

    Citizens provide great insight and knowledge to City government. An avenue that the City of Lawrenceville uses to get this insight is... More…

  1. Heritage Trail Medallion Nomination Form

    Please complete this form to nominate an individual with ties to Lawrenceville for consideration by the Lawrenceville Heritage Trail... More…

City Clerk

  1. Proclamation Request Form

    Please use this form to request a proclamation for the City of Lawrenceville Mayor and Council.


  1. Formulario de Denuncia de Aguas Pluviales

    La Cuidad de Lawrenceville tiene un proceso para abordar las quejas sobre problemas de aguas pluviales. Una vez que se haya presentado... More…

  1. Stormwater Complaint Form

    The City of Lawrenceville has a process for addressing property complaints regarding stormwater issues. Once a complaint has been... More…

Public Safety

  1. Complaints & Compliments Form

    This form shall be used exclusively to report employee misconduct or recognition. If you wish, you may return this form in person to... More…

  1. Home Check Request


  1. Vendor Registration Form

    A completed and signed IRS W-9 form and the completed registration form must be submitted.

Report a Concern

  1. Report a Concern

    To report a concern, please fill out the form below. Your submission will be directed to the department.