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ArtsFest Gwinnett Registration for Chalk Walk Competition

  1. ArtsFest Gwinnett

  2. Saturday, April 28, 2018

    9 a.m.: Check In
    1 p.m.: Judging
    2 p.m.: Awards

  3. This Year’s Theme


    Celebrating 200 years of growth and community!

  4. Up to 4 members per team.

  5. If participants are under 18.

  6. Please Check Which Category Applies

    Only 1 per group.

  7. Rules

    - Check-in will begin at 9am, squares are available on a first come basis.
    - You must turn this registration form in to the Chalk Walk booth in order to receive a square. You may have up to 4 participants per square.
    - We will provide you with up to 4 pieces of chalk per team. Beyond that you are welcome to bring your own additional chalk!

  8. Artist Disclaimer

    I, the undersigned (guardian if under 18), acknowledge that:
    - The art I create must be suitable for public, family, and children viewing (no nude or lewd work, profanity). No words or symbols intended as political statements may appear within the art.
    - Chalk Walk Staff reserves the right to refuse, stop, or eliminate objectionable material and their opinion will be final.
    - I will be courteous, friendly, and helpful to fellow artists and members of the public.
    - Chalk Walk Staff is allowed to create, use and publish photographs, video, film, electronic representations and/or sound recordings of my design, myself and/or my minor child at the Chalk Walk and release its employees and volunteers from any and all liability from such use & publication.
    - I release all sponsors, organizations, and individuals involved with Chalk Walk from any liability, product, or personal. I have read the above and agree to abide by the Artist Disclaimer.

  9. Guardian signature if artist is under 18.

  10. To Be Completed By Administration

  11. Leave This Blank: