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Home Business Application


  1. 1. Business License Information
  2. 2. New Home Business Application | Business/Occupational Tax
  3. 3. SAVE Public Benefits Affidavit - O.C.G.A Section 50-36-1(e)(2)
  4. 4. Private Employer Exemption Affidavit Pursuant To O.C.G.A. Section 36-60-6(d)
  5. 5. City of Lawrenceville Home Occupation Form | Zoning Ordinance, Article VII, Section 7.1
  • Business License Information

    1. Renewal Information

    2. Renewal Information

      (Section 32-111)

    3. All licenses expire December 31st of every year. Renewals will be mailed out on November 1st. Failure to receive your renewal does not exempt you from making payments by the due date. Any payments received after December 31st will accrue a late free of $25.00. After January 31st the license is subject to termination.

    4. I have read and understand the information stated above.